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Personal Training
At Malo In Home Training, our focus is on quality and satisfying the needs of our clients.  We are a unique personal training group, moving away from the traditional gym training. Our clients can train at the location of their chosings; whether it may be at their home, office, gym, park, or outside. Wherever it may be, we bring the gym to you!  Each session is customized to the fitness level and needs of our client.

I started training with Kevin in late 2012. I had recently dropped some weight but my work schedule was very busy and I was involved in a number of community activities which left me with little time to get to the gym and maintain my recent weight loss achievements. Kevin would drive to my home and train me there a couple times a week and we would usually try to get a Saturday morning workout in at his place.  

My main goals were to reduce body fat, tone up and maintain the weight loss I had achieved. Kevin also recommended we do a lot of functional fitness training or things that would be beneficial for everyday life chores and functions. in addition to these Kevin introduced me to a lot of activities I did not do before such as hiking, kayaking, rock climbing at indoor climbing gyms. I am happy to say that 6 years later we still train 2 or 3 times a week and Kevin is always introducing new challenges and adventures for me to try out. With his new studio we now have another option for training and meeting new goals. Now that I am retired I have more free time to work with Kevin on these endeavors. Training with Kevin has always been fun and rewarding as well as challenging, he is a great trainer and a very good guy. Here is hoping to many more years of training and working out together Kevin!

Todd M. Saner 

Biggest Losers Program
Silver Program ($250 per month) includes:
  • 5 Personal Training Session
  • One Fitness Assessment
  • Nutrition Consultation

Gold Program ($400 per month) includes:
  • 9 Personal Training Session
  • Biweekly Fitness Assessment
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • 24/7 Access to Our Personal Trainer